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Political Marketing: Theoretical Background

Political Marketing: Theoretical Background
Edited by Irina Nediak
August 2008, 352 pp. (140х210 mm) Paperback
ISBN: 978-5-7777-0329-3

Original title:
Политический маркетинг. Основы теории

Category: Politics / History / Social Sciences
Readership: Scholars, policymakers, students of history, political and social sciences, general public

Rights: Worldwide

This publication is interesting for its multi-dimensional approach to the extremely vexed “marketisation” problem of contemporary political process. This book is rather rare sort of Russian research because it studies theory of political marketing, not its technology. Political marketing is investigated here as interdisciplinary area of knowledge. Author analyzes its theory on double levels as a study of political process through specific “market” point of view and as an instrument of political engineering. Readers have unique opportunity to read comprehensive introductory text into the phenomena of political marketing and its role in contemporary Russian politics.

Irina Nediak
Doctor of History, Senior researcher of the Department for Socio-Political Development Studies of the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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