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France. In Search for New Ways

France. In Search for New Ways
Edited by Yuri Rubinski
July 2007, 624 pp. (145x215 mm) Hardcover
ISBN: 978-5-7777-0407-8

Original title:
Франция. В поисках новых путей

Category: Politics / History / Economics / Sociology
Readership: Scholars, policymakers, students of political and social sciences, history, economics, general public

Rights: Worldwide

The French studies are of great importance in Russia. This publication is the result of long-term research of French experience and gives the Russian view on the process of changes and reforms which took place in France during last decades. Globalization faces new challenges. France tries to solve difficult economic problems and combine market forces with state regulations. It is important for increasing the economic efficiency, measures of social protection, respect to authorities, national sovereignty, and integration processes. Authors emphasize that successful modernization needs steady dialog of the authorities with the civil society.

This book is published in the Series: Old World – New Time under special project of the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Authors of these collective monographs are leading scholars of various generations. They give new Russian approaches to different problems existed in European countries on national, regional and continental levels in the process of deep transformation during last 20 years.

Yuri Rubinski
Professor of history, Chief of the Center for French Studies of the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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