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The History of Canada

The History of Canada
By Sergey Danilov
October 2006, 256 pp. (140х205 mm) Paperback (ill.)
ISBN: 5-7777-0299-6

Original title:
История Канады

Category: History
Readership: Scholars, students of history, general public

Rights: Worldwide

As a Canadian saying goes, «We have too much geography and too little history». Well, perhaps they do indeed have ‘little’ history, but we know of it even less. You would see this for yourself if you read this fascinating book. Sergei Danilov shows IN WHAT WAY and BY WHAT MEANS the Canadians have been and still are able to combine welfare with democracy and tolerance with strict obeyance of laws. It is worth noting here that more than a century ago Canadian society developed a political party system that has been in place almost unchanged to the end of the 20th century.

This book is about Canada and the Canadians and about a sovereign state that encourages many hundred thousand immigrants willing to set up house there. The book will be interesting not only by specialists in the history of Canada and the US but also by all those wishing to learn more about North America.

Sergey Danilov — Professor of history

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