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Looking for Common Sense. Twenty Years of Economic Reforms in Russia

Looking for Common Sense. Twenty Years of Economic Reforms in Russia
By Nikolai Shmelev
June 2006, 512 pp. (140x204 mm) Hardcover
ISBN: 5-7777-0354-2

Original title:
В поисках здравого смысла. Двадцать лет российских экономических реформ

Category: Economics / Politics / History / Sociology
Readership: Scholars, policymakers, students of economics, history, political and social sciences, general public

Rights: Worldwide

This book by one of the leading economists of Russia and famous public figure is the collection of most important essays about the Russia's economy written during last twenty years beginning from the "perestroika" period. All of them are valuable till today. Reader will learn about great difficulties of Russia's transformation from the system of total regulations in economic, social, and political fields to democracy, liberties, and market relations. The book contains original author's vision of this process and scenario of Russia's development during next 50 years.

This excellent publication would attract attention of economists, political analysts, historians, general public who are interested in Russian economics, politics, and history of the turn of 20th and 21st centuries.

Nikolai Shmelev
Academician, Professor of economics, writer and journalist, Director of Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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