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History of the Latin America (till 20th Century)

History of the Latin America (till 20th Century)
By Olga Poskonina
August 2005, 248 pp. (140х205 mm) Paperback (ill.)
ISBN: 5-7777-0232-5

Original title:
История Латинской Америки (до ХХ века)

Category: History
Readership: Scholars, students of history, ethnology, culture, political and social sciences, general public

Rights: Worldwide

The book represents the main tendencies of historic development of the Latin America since the ancient times till the early 20th century. The author views the multifactoral history of this vast region through the uneasy development of Indian and Iberian civilisations, analyzes their mutual contacts and hostilities, studies the causes of European colonisation. The book is the interesting story on economics, politics, cultural peculiarities of Latin America. The book focuses on the unique character of the Ibero-American civilisation.

Olga Poskonina
Doctor of history. Department of Modern and Contemporary History, Moscow State University

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