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By Aleksei Zhuravsky
2004, 224 pp. (140х205 mm) Paperback
ISBN: 5-7777-0257-0

Original title:

Category: History
Readership: Students of religion, philosophy, arabian culture

Rights: Worldwide

The book is devoted to the «youngest» of the three monotheistic religions and the second largest in terms of the number of worshippers, Islam. The author tells about basic ideas of Muslim worship; the Koran, the holy book of the Muslims; the Prophet Muhammad; the main branches of Islam; religious law and theology schools; and about the mystic movement of Islam-Sufism. The book is not arranged as a traditional chronological overview, but is built on a problem analysis principle thereby showing the integrity of spiritual content in Islam and the diversity of its cultural and historical manifestations. Aleksei Zhuravsky is a well-known Russian expert on Islam. He compiled a reader Christians and Muslims: Problems of Dialogue.

Aleksei Zhuravsky
Doctor of history, Senior lecturer at the Institute of Oriental and Antique Studies, Russian State University for the Humanities

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