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International Financial Statistics Yearbook 2008

Серия: International Financial Statistics

An annual subscription to the International Financial Statistics Yearbook and the accompanying Country Notes provides access to the world's most comprehensive source of statistical global financial data. The yearbook presents annual data covering 12 years for countries appearing in the monthly issues of IFS. There are some additional time series in country tables and some additional tables of area and world aggregates. The International Financial Statistics Country Notes presents, in two sections, brief information on the data published in International Financial Statistics. Country Notes is designed to be a companion volume to IFS: the monthly print edition, the Yearbook, the CD-ROM, and the Internet version. The complete set of updated country notes is accessible from the IFS Online Service Internet site at www.imfstatistics.org, and appears on the CD-ROM edition of IFS. The IFS Yearbook and Country Notes are shipped together to subscribers during September each year.