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Global Development Finance 2010: External Debt of Developing Countries

Global Development Finance 2010: External Debt of Developing Countries
2010-02, 327 с. (8.5 x 11)
ISBN: 978-0-8213-8229-5

Global Development Finance (GDF) is the World Bank's annual report on the external debt of developing countries. The print edition includes an overview section focusing on trends in financial flows as well as trends in external debt for developing countries in 2008. It also highlights support from the World Bank Group to developing countries and the developments in debt restructuring in 2008. Together with this review of major financial developments in the previous year, you can find summary tables of key debt ratios for individual reporting countries and the composition of external debt stocks and flows by region and income group.

GDF 2010 draws on a database maintained by the World Bank External Debt (WBXD) system. Longer time series and more detailed data are available from the Global Development Finance 2010 CD-ROM, which contains more than 200 time series indicators, covering the years 1970 to 2008 for most reporting countries, and pipeline data for scheduled debt service payments on existing commitments to 2016.

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