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Tools for Public Sector Evaluations

2009, (6x9)
ISBN: 978-0-8213-6324-9

In the absence of a bottom-line (profitability test), efficient and equitable delivery of public services requires that public sector interventions must be subjected to rigorous pre- and postevaluations. Edited by Anwar Shah, this book provides tools of analysis to conduct economic evaluation of projects, programs, and policies. The evaluation techniques reflect not just the costs and benefits of expenditures, but also how these expenditures are financed. Conceptual and empirical guidance on capital budgeting, establishing priorities for sectoral spending on an objective basis, pricing public services, and measuring the fiscal burden on current and future generations (generational accounting) is presented.

Contributors to this volume include Robin Boadway, Bev Dahlby, Neil Hepburn, Lawrence Kotlikoff, Stuart Landon, and A. Premchand.