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New Industries from New Places: The Emergence of the Hardware and Software Industries in China and India

ISBN: 978-0-8213-6478-9

Could China and India come to dominate the world's technology industry by bringing together Chinese hardware and Indian software production? Much attention is being paid to the fact that Asia's giant neighbors – with more than a third of the planet's population and two of the fastest-growing economies in the world – are entering a new era of cooperation. By combining these two industries, some believe it will signify the coming of the Asian century of the information technology (IT) industry.

This book represents the first rigorous comparison of China and India's new growth sectors. It compares the emergence of India and China as global leaders in hardware and software production as well as the growth performance of private enterprise in the IT manufacturing and IT services sectors in China and India. It examines the economic context and the business environment for private enterprise in China and India, and considers how far differences in economic policies or the business environment explain the observed differences in growth performance. The book concludes by evaluating explanations for the growth performance of each sector in each country and by drawing conclusions for future economic policies and business strategies.