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The Elections of President of the Russian Federation. 1996-2000

The Elections of President of the Russian Federation. 1996-2000
Печатное издание Нет в продаже
The Elections of President of the Russian Federation. 1996-2000
Публикация ЦИК (на англ. яз.)
2003 г.
М.: Издательство «Весь Мир»
ISBN 978-5-7777-0276-0, 5-7777-0276-7
60x90 1/8
216 с.

In 1996 the Central Election Commission launched publication of detailed information on election campaigns and voting results in special issues of an Electoral Statistics series. Nine books have come out since then dealing with presidential elections and elections to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, elections of executive authority heads and legislative authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation and local self-government bodies. These books are very helpful as they not only promote openness and transparency of elections but also provide material for a detailed analysis of election processes and for electoral behaviour forecasts…

We believe that it would be useful for our colleagues in national agencies similar to our election commission in examining the practice of election arrangement in one of the biggest countries of the world if key publications of the Central Election Commission are available in English. Therefore given broad interest in political processes going on in Russia we decided to make a series of English language editions.

Here is the first of these books. It is based on two Russian language publications: Presidential Election in the Russian Federation. 1996. Electoral Statistics and Presidential Election in the Russian Federation. 2000. Electoral Statistics, both published in Russian, just like this one in English, by Moscow-based publishers, Ves Mir.

Alexander Veshnyakov

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